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We offer a wide variety of Wi-Fi solutions
to suit most of your requirements

Outdoor / Indoor hotspot Wi-Fi
  • Provision of Wi-Fi for various applications and markets
    • Public places such as shopping malls, coffee shops, community centres
    • Multi-tenant dwellings, office parks, campus environments
    • Wi-Fi and fully mobile environments for public transit, buses, trains, police, security etc.
Wi-Fi 3G Offloading
  • A service offered to mobile operators, to reduce the burden on coverage and capacity on the networks, particularly in dense urban and high populated areas
    • Built on a Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 platform
    • Allows multi-carrier on a single network
    • Allows mobile network subscribers to roam nationally and internationally
    • Provides the ability for service providers and mobile operators to take advantage of full location based services
    • Full analytics to support heat map, user graphing per location, duration per location