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 Stable, fully-managed, on-site Linux mail server with 24/7/365 support

 Data storage, legal compliance and full disaster recovery included

 Network security and virus protection

 Shared contacts, tasks and time sheets

 Integration into mobile devices

 No upfront set up costs or annual licence fees



Service Benefits

   No upfront set up costs or annual software license fees

   Stable, fully-managed, on-site feature rich business mail server with 24/7/365 support

   On Site and Off Site Data storage

   Legal compliance with data retention requirements

   Full disaster recovery

   Network security and virus protection

   Safe remote access to data and key business applications

   Comprehensive disaster recovery plan (automated protection)

   Regular updates and system enhancements (at no additional cost)

   Proactive and reactive support for all email queries

   Ensure safe visits to the internet and applications

   Enhanced security for your server and workstations

   A feeling of increased security that your businesses electronic data is being protected

   Ensure that employees concentrate on their work or that children are unable to visit unsuitable sites

   Take control of your bandwidth usage

Service Features


  • Mail Server and Collaboration

       Shared contacts, tasks and timesheets

       Mobile Device Integration

       Centralised management of users and profiles

       Built-in protective technologies that reduce spam/viruses, enable confidential communications flow and ensure compliance is maintained

       Centralised storage and management of all email

       Bandwidth conservation through effective delivery of local mail

       Secure, remote access to email, appointments and contacts

       Detailed performance reporting at server, domain and mailbox levels

       Unlimited on-site mailbox size

       Support for multiple mailboxes within your own domain

       Supports both POP and IMAP

  • Firewall

       Supports multiple gateways facilitating failover, load balancing and traffic prioritisation

       NAT-ing firewall

       Web proxying

       Live graphical reports of all web traffic

       Implementation of per-user internet access policies

       Keep machines on your local network anonymous to potential intruders

       Apply access policy to network services or content, e.g. to block undesired sites.

       Scan outbound content, e.g., for data leak protection.

       Scan transmitted content for malware before delivery.

       Automatically “recycles” the internet connection whenever the connection terminates

       Accommodates varying electronic security requirements using the IpTables Engine to filter underlying IP address

  • On Site Data Mirroring

       Comprehensive file management via central storage of all vital data

       Delivers secure, remote access to important files and programmes

       In a server-based network, workgroups can work together in virtual spaces, sharing files and information

       Secure and controlled access to critical and private files on a per-user basis

       Faster access to applications and files

       Enhanced failover and disaster recovery

       Designed to scale with your business

       24/7/365 monitoring and software maintenance

  • Off Site Data Storage

       Complete remote storage of all electronic data

       Files can be recovered instantly

       Web access to backed up files when travelling or at home

       Security is provided through secure-sockets connections to iWayAfrica’s data centre, 128-bit encryption and account passwords (data compression ensures regular backups are very efficient and non-intrusive)

       Differential synchronisation - if a change is made to a previously backed up document, only the change to that document is sent, not the whole document

       Backups can be scheduled or started manually and can, therefore, be performed at the most convenient times

       An automated, proactive monitoring system ensures any problems are identified and rectified quickly

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