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Firewall7 from iWayAfrica sits between your network and the internet, and is designed to protect assets and ensure that no private information goes out of your network and no malicious content comes in. Firewall7 blocks unauthorised access while permitting sanctioned communications, and can be configured to permit or deny computer-based applications using a custom rules-set. Firewall7 provides a single default gateway to the internet for your local network and it supports ADSL, satellite, wireless and leased–line connections. All forms of internet communication, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP, and IMAP, are supported.

 Protect your network and workstations against viruses, spam and malware

 Real-time monitoring gives you critical insight into your network

 Stay connected with our failover functionality

 A single point of entry and exit to the internet means increased security

 No upfront set up costs or annual licence fees

 Unlimited, round-the-clock support


  • Service benefits

      NAT-ing firewall

      Web proxying

      Live graphical reports of all web traffic

      Implementation of per-user internet access policies

     Keep machines on your local network anonymous a to potential intruders

      Apply access policy to network services or content, e.g. to block undesired sites.

      Scan outbound content, e.g., for data leak protection.

      Scan transmitted content for malware before delivery.

      Automatically “recycles” the internet connection whenever the connection terminates

      Accommodates varying electronic security requirements using the IpTables Engine to filter underlying IP address

      Ensure safe visits to the internet and applications

      Enhanced security for your server and workstations

      Effective method to keep away hackers

     Ensure that employees concentrate on their work or that children are unable to visit unsuitable sites

     Take control of your bandwidth usage

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