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Business Internet Access

Secure, reliable, feature rich, high speed Internet connectivity is critical for your business growth and operational execution.

 Exceptionally fast speeds up to 100 Mbps

 Reports on usage patterns and network availability

 Reliable, affordable, business-grade Internet access

 Optimal delivery of service right to your door step

 Network resources for optimal enterprise execution

 Network monitored 24/7 to keep your information moving


With a continuously upgradeable IP network, iWayAfrica’s Internet services enable you to support your customers, employees and partners with fast, dedicated and reliable global access for your offices, website and online applications. Harness the power of iWayAfrica’s Enterprise grade Internet backbone and experience uniform, fast and consistent upload and download speeds that are backed by performance service level agreements (SLAs).


All internet service providers offer a fast connection; iWayAfrica makes sure that it’s secure. Our unmatched network security and in-house expertise provides 24 x 7 monitoring, management and technical support. Access to the self service portal makes your applications high speed and worry-free — just how your business internet service should be.


  • Flexible Service Plans

    Dedicated Capped

    40 - 100Gb Allowance per month
    1 - 100 Mbps Download Speed

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    Dedicated Unlimited

    Unlimited Internet
    1 - 100 Mbps Download Speed

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    From 40GB Allowance per month

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  • Comprehensive Last Mile Access






    Last mile Partners:

    Africom, Aptics, Aquiva, Liquid Telecom, Powertel, Telco, Telone, Transmedia


  • Expansive Market Coverage

    iWayAfrica maintains interconnections with all metro access providers in Zimbabwe and provides lowest service activation interval in the industry. On-net activations are typically established within 9 business hours. Off-net installations are typically concluded within 2 weeks.

  • Service Analytics

    iWayAfrica’s analytics dash board allow businesses to monitor and manage their service with unified visibility into fault, performance, availability and traffic utilisation.

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  • Customer Support

    iWayAfrica’s support is available 24 hours every day of the year via telephone, online chat, email or onsite.


Enhanced Features


  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Traffic Management

    iWayAfrica’s Traffic Management service allows businesses to prioritise mission critical applications, users and other network resources ensuring optimal enterprise execution.

     DPI Features & Benefits
  • Dynamic DNS

    iWayAfrica’s Dynamic DNS service automatically reroutes traffic to a pre-configured alternate end point or data centre. Site downtime is drastically reduced and or illuminated.

  • Managed Customer Router

    iWayAfrica’s managed router service ensures the highest customer experience. Our seasoned Internet experts ensure optimal delivery of service right to your door step.
  • Diverse Dual Last Mile Links

    The majority of Internet service outages are as a result of last mile impairment. iWayAfrica’s dual last mile solution ensures service continuity when critical infrastructure is disturbed. iWayAfrica provisions path and infrastructure diverse links to two diverse POP’s ensuring high availability to iWayAfrica’s core Internet nodes.
  • Global Monitoring

    Businesses that operate websites and critical customer online self service portals such as online banking must ensure that these resources are accessible globally. iWayAfrica’s Global Monitoring service allows businesses to monitor availability of these services from the US, UK, SA and Hong Kong.


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