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Archive7 from iWayAfrica is a comprehensive archiving service that integrates with your current onsite and offsite backup procedures. Archive7 ensures that your company has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to avoid any instances of short-term data loss, and provide 24/7/365 access to historical data. Data redundancy is a fundamental element of any data strategy and Archive7 creates multiple snapshots of your servers.

 Stable, fully-managed Linux archive server with 24/7/365 support

 You can access historical data whenever you want

 Comply with corporate governance laws

 Prevents data loss from unplanned disasters and theft

 Reduce storage costs

 No upfront set up costs or annual licence fees


  • Service benefits

      The Archive7 service is facilitated through the careful integration of Diskmirror7, Archive7, Rsync, Cron, SSH and other sub-systems

      Multiple server snapshots are stored on dedicated Archive7 servers (onsite and hosted options exist)

      The snapshots capture part or all electronic server states at configurable, specific instances in time, set up according to an agreed archive strategy

      Prevent data loss from natural and man-made disasters

     More cost effective than using the traditional method of simply adding more storage (disks) and servers

      Comply with relevant legislation and compliance issues (many organisations have to comply with strict codes of conduct or face being fined - implementing a data archiving system minimises the risk of your organisation being in breach of key codes of practice and other legislation)

      Retrieve historic information 24/7/365

      Continuous availability of archived data for reporting and compliance audits

      Dramatically reduce your managed storage costs related to both new equipment investments and inactive data or retired applications

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